Diana Buonocore

Diana Buonocore

Diana Buonocore is a certified Core Energetics Therapist and Health and Wellness Coach that has been helping individuals and groups for over seven years. She holds degrees in psychology, intergraded nutrition and education.

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Core Movement Therapy

Core Movement Therapy

Core Movement Therapy is a body centered modality that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Diana created it by blending the somatic work of John Pierokos called Core Energetics, Strategic Intervention Coaching and the principals of Buddhist Psychology.

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Your Unique Aliveness

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Diana believes that everyone is born with a beauty and pureness that is our divine birthright.
Core Movement Therapy is a guide to help you dig through the muck and muddiness of life, to help you reclaim that unique aliveness that is yours.

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  • “I'm someone who has committed most of my adult life to self help. I have been through my share of traditional "talk" therapy, and a bunch of self help workshops. Diana gets to the root and starts the healing process at light speed with expertise and caring. Go for it. She is a gem.”


  • “Therapy with Diana has changed my life. It has given me motivation to improve myself and my lifestyle, a new sense of value for who I am and what I deserve, an enlightened perspective on my feelings and respect for the gifts I have been blessed with.”


  • “During the session I completely release. I speak up for all the times I've "held my tonge" I cry for every time I've "sucked it up" and move for all the times I've had to "stay still". Leaving a session I feel refreshed, without the emotional weight I brought in, proud of my courage to help myself and motivated to tackle obstacles.”


  • “Diana is an amazing therapist who modifies sessions to be extremely personalized for each individual but also for the needs of that particular day. She is supportive, inviting, honest, truthful and giving. Her passion for helping others is evident in all that she does.”


  • “Diana creates a safe, accepting environment to break down your defenses, open yourself up to vulnerability and begin to understand the person you are.”


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Friday, November 17th
7:00pm - 9:30pm

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Learn how body centered psychotherapy works, what the differences between traditional talk therapy and body centered therapy are, and if it might work for you. Come with your curiosity and willingness to go deeper into your own personal journey.